I am a giant fan of Superplus. They are... well, SUPER! Plus, they are cute as buttons. But beyond that, they actually know how to play music. Refreshing and titillating.” - Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest)
[TRASH POP] The lovely Portland ladies in Super Plus (it's, like, a tampon reference—get it?) play a pretty loosey-goosey brand of trash pop, or as they call it, "estro-swamp rock." It's got plenty of girl-power posturing, comically bitchy lyrics ("If you can't live without me/ Why aren't you dead?"), doo-woppy backup vocals, juvenile swearing and, occasionally, rhythm. But this band's lack of musical prowess doesn't really matter, 'cause its skanky, cheerleader-esque outfits and sense of humor often make up for the amateur quality of its songs. The live show must be a mess, but sometimes messy is fun, right?” - Amy McCullough

Willamette Week

Crass, intentionally trashy and undeniably kickass, Super Plus is like the bastard spawn of Spinal Tap, the Go Gos and Martha and the Vandellas. The ladies have honed their unique blend of doo-wop, surf, punk and metal into a pulpy mass of non-stop rock: Estro-Swamp rock. The free-flowing insanity is infectious. Sporting more plumage and spandex than Little Richard and RuPaul, Super Plus puts the sexy in sextet, making for a show that is at once hysterically offensive and a sonic punch in the teeth. These bitches be crazy.”
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