Not about us, but we've been there.

"It would have helped if I had started on the right fret. And perhaps if our singer hadn't hurtled through the opening verses like a runaway horse, with us the careering cart behind her. We arrive at the break, out of breath, and playing three times our usual speed. I glance across the stage at Amy, who throws back a slightly panicked look, and then smiles broadly; it may be going just a little bit raggedy, we may well have misplaced a chorus somewhere, but my God standing up here playing is infectiously brilliant. Seconds later we're clambering off the stage, electrified, faces flushed, ears ringing. As we make our way through the crowd and outside into the cool evening air, someone grabs me by the shoulder. "Hey," they grin as I spin round, "you rocked!" " Laura Barton goes to Ladies' Rock School (in Portland) -

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