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Bands Super Plus plays with

Fist of Dishonor
Willamette Week Best Up-and-Coming Persona Band "Portland loves persona bands. We've got pirates (Sunken Chest and Captain Bogg & Salty), banshees (Iron Maidens) and drag queens from hell (Sissyboy). Now ninjas are rising. Fist of Dishonor (, a five-piece outfit of hooded, nunchaku-toting killers, churns out metallic pop about dirty fights and randy senseis while leader Missy Jitsu attacks enemies in the audience using "Rock Star Kung Fu" (watch out for the Pete Townshend Toosh-Over-Teakettle Defense). As guitar solos rip and the bodies of fallen enemies pile up (seriously), the sonic boom of a rock show blends with the violent fun of an assassin's tango. Think Kill Bill: The Musical." - Willamette Week (Aug 9, 2006)
Sunken Chest
Pirate Rock and Roll - yarrrr!!! Super Plus loves Sunken Chest!!
A soundtrack to a disasterous trainwreck!! At our last show people were screaming, plugging their ears, and running for the front door. So was I, and I was the cause of this mayhem! I spilled more beers than I drank, and sweaty rockstar types were giving me hugs and feeding me shots of diesel fuel. A punk rock harlot insisted that I take her back in the alley and do her. Is this Rock N' Roll? No! This is SUPEREGO 99!!!

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