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Super Plus: Band

Crass, intentionally trashy and undeniably kickass, Super Plus is like the bastard spawn of Spinal Tap, the Go Gos and Martha and the Vandellas. The ladies have honed their unique blend of doo-wop, surf, punk and metal into a pulpy mass of non-stop rock: Estro-Swamp rock. The free-flowing insanity is infectious. Sporting more plumage and spandex than Little Richard and RuPaul, Super Plus puts the sexy in sextet, making for a show that is at once hysterically offensive and a sonic punch in the teeth. These bitches be crazy.

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Diva Cup - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Puts the ass in classy.

Holly Go-Lightdays - Rhythm Guitar, Saxophones, Vocals

To feel your freshest.

Stayfree with Wings - Drums

RX Playtex - Bass

Motor Jeffries - The Rooster (Lead Guitar)

Former Furies

Overnight Protection - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

THE DT - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

"Thank goodness it's badass."
Unfortunately, The Dot was roundhouse-kicked off the summit of Mount Rushmore, into the mouth of a lion, which promptly spontaneously combusted, by Missy Jitsu on Valentine's Day 2007.

Mini T. - Lead Vocals

you're welcome.
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Pearl Cottonfinger - Percussion, Backing Vocals (Guest Appearances)

Carefree Always - Lead Vocals

If you think this song is about you, it probably is.

Maxi Mooncycle - Bass

The Bitchiest Bass Player On Earth.

Heavy Flo - Drums

...a tasmanian-devil of rock-n-roll energy and movement.